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Welcome to Alcohol and Addiction Support

Jennifer Sartin understands not only the clinical side of addiction but also has first-hand experience with the personal struggles of recovery. Her experience stands out in the field of substance abuse counseling. Jennifer is devoted to helping others achieve a solid, lasting recovery through proper guidance and support. She is Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the State of Texas.

It is not easy to ask for help. Today, you are one step closer to achieving recovery from alcohol and/or substance abuse.

At Alcohol and Addiction Support, Jennifer's goal is to help you learn how to function in your life free from the use of alcohol and/or drugs. She can help you in ways other treatment centers cannot. Jennifer will provide you with access to her when you need it. Whether you are in a crisis, experiencing cravings, or simply in need of support – she is one call, text, or email away.

Along with scheduled counseling sessions, you will have access to your counselor when in need of support via phone, text, email, Zoom and other online platforms depending on your preference.

  • Licensed chemical dependency counselor that is here for you in a strictly confidential setting.
  • Services are an affordable alternative to the high cost of standard treatment centers.
  • Providing clients with a personal plan of recovery from addiction, to which they are accountable on a daily basis.
  • Assisting clients in creating and maintaining a new way of life, one day at a time, until they are able to maintain long term recovery through their own resources.
  • Most importantly I am here when you need me, and you are never alone through this difficult time.
  • Is AAS Right for You?

    Who We Are

    We strive to teach you how to identify and modify your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that block the ability to achieve your relevant life goals.

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    How Can We Help You?


    With the right help and support, you can find the strength to overcome your addiction and live a healthier, happier life.


    Scheduled phone sessions along with as needed support or coaching via text message or phone calls.

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    Client Testimonials

    Anonymous 1

    I highly recommend AAS if you are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. I talked to my counselor every day in the beginning. I was able to keep my job and I am really grateful that I finally got help!

    Anonymous 2

    I went to AAS with my problems and they turned all of them into solutions. My counselor understood from actual experience and could relate to me. I have seen a lot of other therapists and now I finally found myself. Thanks for everything you have done for me.

    Anonymous 3

    I needed help but couldn’t leave my job. My counselor helped me so much and was there for me when I needed her. I am very grateful and I am still sober today.

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